Mission & Vision


To promote whole-person care by identifying, developing, and testing the scientific foundations of CREATION principles.


To transform healthcare delivery into our whole-person model of care, empowering our patients, employees, and communities to experience optimal wellness throughout their lives.

What is Creation Life?

CREATION Life is a whole person wellness philosophy - developed by leaders of AdventHealth, formerly Adventist Health System  - and is founded on the Creation story in the book of Genesis.  It consists of eight principles that are a guide for overall mental, physical, social, and spiritual health.

\ ˈchȯis \

CHOICE is the most complex of the CREATION principles. There are emotional, spiritual, physical, and environmental factors that can impact the choices we make. The other principles in the CREATION research model influence our choices; in turn, those choices play a part in our habits and behaviors. 

Rest\ ˈrest \

REST is more than just sleep. Rest includes physical rest, cognitive breaks, and emotional and spiritual restoration.

Environment\ in-ˈvī-rə(n)-mənt \

ENVIRONMENT includes all components of our physical surroundings and resources. These can include living space, safety, workplace, food, healthcare, transportation, and recreational space.

Activity\ ak-ˈti-və-tē \

ACTIVITY is more than just exercise. It integrates physical, mental, and spiritual activities into our daily lives.

Trust\ ˈtrəst \

TRUST encompasses connections with God, faith, loved ones, colleagues, and those who have been entrusted to lead.

Interpersonal Relationships\ ˌin-tər-ˈpərs-nəl • ri-ˈlā-shən-ˌship \

INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS involve the support, connection, and belonging we share with family, friends, colleagues, and faith communities.

Outlook\ ˈaút-ˌlúk \

OUTLOOK is the way we view the world. It involves the sum of our attitudes, perceptions, and psychological health. It influences the way we address our daily lives and relationships.

Nutrition\ nú -ˈtri-shən \

NUTRITION is nourishment for the body and the source of energy for the mind. Healthy food is essential to wellness and disease prevention. Plant-based diets are foundational to the CREATION lifestyle.

Our Team

Our Team

The Center for Whole-Person Research was established in 2015 by senior leadership of AdventHealth, formerly Adventist Health System. It was created to identify existing research that supports CREATION Life, find gaps in the research literature where some principles have not been definitively studied, and design and conduct research that fills those gaps. In practical terms, we focus on the more complex CREATION Life principles not already definitively supported in research studies.

Our Foundation

Our Foundation

Extending the healing ministry of Christ has guided the work of Seventh-day Adventist health care for over a century. CREATION Life is an extension of this mission: to focus on wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.
Exploring the Science of Whole-Person Health

Explore our knowledge base of existing published studies about how CREATION Life principles affect outcomes in chronic conditions.

Conducting the Science of Whole-Person Health

Learn how the Center for Whole-Person Research is both a source of, and a resource for, the scientific study of CREATION Life.

Living the Science
Living the Science of Whole-Person Health

Discover scientifically-supported lifestyle programs that lead to longer, healthier lives.