While visiting Okinawa, Japan, don’t be surprised if you encounter more than one centenarian (a person who is 100-years-old or older).  Okinawa is one of five identified Blue Zones®: small geographical areas with large clusters of people who live to be healthy and over 100-years-old. Other Blue Zones® include Ikaria, Greece; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; and Loma Linda, California.

What is their secret? What do all of these people have in common?

A journalist collected information from each population and discovered: they live, eat, pray, move, and love in a way that mirrors the CREATION lifestyle.

These are their 8 tips for longer, healthier living. We’ve included the appropriate CREATION Life principles to demonstrate how closely it aligns with lifestyles in Blue Zones®.


Move Naturally:

Make activity a natural part of your day. Leave some of the modern conveniences behind and add movement to your daily tasks.



Know what inspires you, what gets you out of bed, and what your purpose is.


Down Shift:

Take the time to de-stress and make it a routine to do so.


80% Rule:

Eat until you feel 80% full to avoid overeating. And eat larger meals in the morning and smaller meals at night.

Choice; Nutrition

Plant Slant:

Consume whole food, plant-based diets, including beans and legumes, with occasional small portions of white meat (if any at all).



Participate with your faith-based community.  Less than 2% of the centenarians didn’t ascribe to religious beliefs or attend services.

Trust; Interpersonal Relationships

Loved Ones First:

Surround yourself with family, especially intergenerational family members.

Interpersonal Relationships

Right Tribe:

Surround yourself with social networks that support and practice healthy lifestyles.

Trust; Interpersonal Relationships; Outlook
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