A Thematic Analysis of Compassion Rounds on Patients, their Loved Ones, and the Clinicians Who Care for Them


To understand the experience of "Compassion Rounds" for patients, families, friends, and clinicians.

Key Study Personnel:

Kim McManus, Ph.D. – Principal Investigator

Number of Participants:


Study Population

Employees of AdventHealth or a physician with privileges there, or a patient, or a family member or friend who has participated in Compassion Rounds at AdventHealth


This research will be conducted as a thematic analysis. Participants will be recruited from those taking part in compassion rounding, including patients, their loved ones, physicians, chaplains, social workers, nurses, and other care providers.

Qualitative data about participants' experiences throughout the intervention will be collected using semi-structured interviews. This data will be used to describe and explain the themes and perceptions that emerge from participant experience. 


  • Thematic Analysis
  • Semi-Structured Interviews
  • Validation Workshops

Current Status:

Data collection underway

Targeted Completion Date:

March 2019

Additional Information:

Questions about Study:
Dr. Kim McManus
Email: Kim.McManus@adventhealth.com