How to Evaluate the Quality of Research

The Center for Whole-Person Research utilizes the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice© (JHNEBP) model and tools to evaluate the quality of published research.

Below are links to the JHNEBP Evidence Level and Quality Guide and the Research Evidence Appraisal Tool to guide the evaluation process.

‘Evidence Level and Quality Guide’

‘Research Evidence Appraisal Tool’

The John Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Model and Tools © The Johns Hopkins Hospital/The Johns Hopkins University


Appraisal Of Quantitative Research Studies:

For Level I (randomized controlled trials) and Level II (quasi-experimental) studies in the knowledge base, the Center for Whole-Person Research has used the following criteria to assign the JHNEBP quality ratings:

  1. Generalizable Conclusion (Based on sampling method)
    1. Yes = a
    2. No = b
  2. Sufficient Sample Size (n≥25)
    1. Yes = a
    2. No = c
  3. Control
    1. Adequate = a
    2. Some = b
  4. Valid Tool Measuring CREATION Health Variable
    1. Yes = a
    2. No = b