Measure the influence of Trust in God, Outlook, and Interpersonal Relationships on chronic pain.

The opioid crisis is due in part to inappropriate management of chronic pain and inattention to alternative therapies. There has been extensive research into the physical management of pain, but how do psychosocial factors influence the ability of chronic pain patients to manage pain and engage in activities of daily living? Will a CREATION-centered intervention with a focus on Trust in God, Outlook, and/or Interpersonal Relationships help with management of chronic pain?

Does religious faith change perceptions of pain severity?
Are patients with high dispositional optimism more likely to engage in physical activity?
Are patients with close social ties less likely to abuse opioid medications?

Related validated surveys/questionnaires:

Spirituality and Chronic Pain Survey (SCPS)
Social Support and Pain Questionnaire (SPQ)
Life Orientation Test -Revised (LOT-R)
Vanderbilt Pain Management Inventory

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