Publication of the CREATION Model Manuscript


To disseminate the CREATION model of whole-person health as it relates to the provider-patient relationship.

Key Study Personnel:

Gabriella Anderson – First Author
Patricia S. Robinson, PhD, ARNP – Co-Author
Amanda Sawyer– Co-Author
Stephanie Harris - Co-Author


Introduction: Guiding individuals to healthier behaviors is key to improving wellness, and primary care providers are uniquely positioned to help individuals recognize and implement needed health behavior changes. This paper describes a whole-person wellness model, the CREATION model, which focuses on the relationship between individual choice and physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health. Methods: Several theoretical models, including two wellness models, the Wheel of Wellness and Indivisible Self, and three behavior change models, Social-Ecological Model, Reasoned Action Approach, and Transtheoretical Model provide the foundation for the CREATION model. The constructs and propositions of the CREATION model are grounded in these frameworks. Results: The CREATION model considers the contexts in which health choices occur, including modifiable determinants of health. Elements of choice, rest, environment, activity, trust, interpersonal relationships, outlook, and nutrition are the constructs that comprise this model. Conclusion: The CREATION model posits that interventions that focus on an individual’s mind, spirit, environment, and relationships will influence choices in a continuous cycle that reinforces positive, healthy behaviors. The CREATION model can facilitate robust patient-provider partnerships that may help shift the healthcare delivery paradigm from an illness model to a wellness model.

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