How much sleep per night is best for your health?


Does shorter sleep duration contribute to mortality and incidence of chronic health conditions?


Short sleepers have an increased risk of mortality and incidence of chronic health conditions when compared to ‘normal’ sleepers who sleep 7 hours per day.


  • 108 out of 2521 studies qualified for analysis.
  • Selected prospective studies at least 1-year in duration
  • Study quality ranked on a 9-point system; only 8-9 points included in analysis


  • Short sleep duration < 6 hours
  • Normal sleep duration 7-8 hours
  • Measures: comparative risk of mortality, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, coronary heart diseases, obesity, and mortality.


Probability of events/conditions in short sleepers when compared to normal sleepers.

  • Mortality - 1.12 times the risk
  • Diabetes - 1.37 times the risk
  • Hypertension - 1.17 times the risk
  • Cardiovascular Disease - 1.16 times the risk
  • Coronary Heart Disease - 1.26 times the risk
  • Obesity - 1.38 times the risk
  • Dyslipidemia - not enough data
  • Depression - not enough data

Other Information:

  • Results do not indicate sleep causes the outcomes; but the duration contributes to the factors that impact things like mortality.
  • Studies do not account for the quality of sleep
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